Assigned to EU and Council of Europe

Spring semester was exciting. I was not only assigned to my new fabulous job. I also got assigned to some really interesting European networks and groups.

European Training Strategy Advisory Group (ETS AG). I am selected and nominated as an expert researcher by the European Commission, Directorate General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture. The role of the ETS AG is to follow up, exchange on and discuss the developments of the European Training Strategy in the field of Youth, including European and national developments related to relevant aspects, of quality development of youth work and non-formal and informal learning.

Member of Pool of European Youth Researchers (PEYR). I am selected and nominated as a member of PEYR. PEYR represents a contribution of both the Council of Europe and the European Commission to evidence based policy-making in the field of youth. PEYR provides expertise on demand, discusses broader issues connected to youth issues and provides input to policy initiatives of both the European Commission and the Council of Europe.

These groups are really interesting and especially when I think of possibilities to influence my job at Centre for Principal Development and vice versa – its a win-win situation.

Nytt jobb – New job!!!

Nytt jobb från den 1/8 2017!!! Jag är superglad över mitt nya arbete på Umeå Universitet, Centrum för skolledarutbildning.

New job from 1st of August 2017!!! I am superhappy for my new job at Umea University, Centre for Principal Development.

Framing Perceived Values of Education

Here you can read my thesis: Framing Perceived Values of Education – when perspectives of learning and ICTs are related.


Här presenterar jag bilder från min avhandling

Presenting images of my thesis